About Us

Living Bridge is a platform that aims to bring talent and training on an even keel. In other words, if you have the talent, we will ensure it gets the training and mentoring it deserves—by putting you in touch with top of the line professionals from assorted professions, including acting, filmmaking, screenwriting, creative and feature writing, photography and theatre, among others.

Simply put, passion will not suffer for either paucity of time and money. Our workshop modules cover both intensive and extensive ground, taking you through various nuances of that particular subject in a comprehensive and interactive manner.

We capture the essence of the curricula that professional institutes offer its students over two or three semesters in the course of a couple of days, by focusing on core skill sets required to succeed in the profession. We do not stop there, as our mentors go the distance to conduct advanced courses on the same topic, thereby keeping the light of learning alive and glowing.


To create a world of happy individuals by providing learning opportunities of their passion.


To facilitate training and skill enhancement on an ongoing basis by organizing workshops in all segments of Media, Creativity and Entertainment.
Inviting professionals & experts in their respective fields who are passionate about teaching, to mentor the participants.
Develop a framework for learners of all age groups to bring out their best capabilities.
Bring together passionate Educators and Learners at a common EduSpace for seamless exchange of knowledge and ideas.
Organize affordable workshops of very high standards in every locality of the world.
Implement a sustainable and profit sharing business model to partner with other like-minded organisations and professionals.


Integrity: We demonstrate honesty, trust, and openness in all our communication with students and stakeholders.
Respect: We promote an inclusive environment that respects individuals and their diversities.
Collaboration: We encourage co-operation, interdependence, and team building to leverage collective individual strengths for a winning team.
Sharing: We believe that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied.


Ruta Talwalkar Living Bridge Pune

Ruta Talwalkar


Ruta, an ex-Fergussonian, is a graduate in Psychology and a Post graduate in Personnel Management having 6 years of working experience in various fields such as media, recruitment, and investment banking before helping to Co-Found Living Bridge. She is also on the Board of Directors of a boutique investment banking company.

Prashant Desai Living Bridge Pune

Prashant Desai


Prashant graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, in Cinema with specialization in Cinematography in 1982. Since then he has worked in the industry in various capacities in Cinematography, Screenplay writing and as a Producer and Director. He has been teaching for over 25 years

Aziz Rajabali Living Bridge Pune

Aziz Rajabali


Aziz is an Entrepreneur since 1995. He founded three companies and ran them successfully for over 17 years. After navigating the business world for almost two decades he decided to follow his passion for Cinema and established Living Bridge. Since then he has been making Short Films regularly and has become a keen Photographer and Writer.

Kabir Rajabali Living Bridge Pune 2

Kabir Rajabali

Website & Graphic Design

After studying Architecture for six years at KRVIA Mumbai, Kabir decided he was going to pursue a life in the Visual Arts. On his journey he learnt Graphic Design, Web Design, and added on a few marketing skills as well. At Living Bridge he takes care of our graphics, website, and marketing efforts.