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Introducing Virtual Workshops: The complete Workshop Experience from the Safety of your Home!

If necessity be the mother of invention, it is also the father of innovation. Given the lockdown on the grim backdrop of the worldwide Corona virus scare, social distancing and staying at home are the new reality that we’ve all had to accept. However, at Living Bridge, we have always believed that education, art and training must keep abreast of the times. Hence, our decision to launch our online workshops with immediate effect and introduce our beloved participants and well-wishers to Virtual Workshops.

To state the obvious, the benefits of an online workshop are many: your favorite mentors guide you through the nuts and bolts of their subject even as you sit back in the comfort of your home. This ensures that the extra time you have on hand is put to fruitful use as you engage with your passion. What’s more, this will also go a long way in boosting sagging morale and keeping everyone upbeat and cheerful.

We have ensured that the content and number of hours dedicated to these workshops remain the same as the in house sessions. Moreover there will be limited participants which enables a healthy interaction with the mentors. The workshops that will happen on this platform include: Blog and Content Writing, Creative Writing, Film Appreciation, Screenwriting, Film Editing etc. Any workshop that requires practical demonstrations with equipment will be added after the lockdown relaxes OR a lite version will be planned for subjects like Filmmaking, Cinematography and Studio Photography.

The platform used for this purpose will be the reliable and steady Microsoft Teams.

So what are you waiting for? Without further delay, book yourself into our virtual classroom.

After all, no lockdown can hold back passion or a will to learn.

Feel free to contact us for any queries.

Virtual Workshops Available Now:

More Coming Soon!

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