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A Guide to becoming a Popular Blogger and a Successful Content Writer

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Pune, India
Mentor: Kalyani Sardesai
Duration: 2 Days

Living Bridge is proud to present a workshop on two of the latest and most popular genres of writing: Blog and content writing.
Find out how and why the genres intersect, and what makes for a popular blog and well-written content.

The proof of the pudding, writing, is in the reading, and in this era of information overload it is the reader who is doing you a favor by reading your stuff. So make sure you don’t let them down.

Senior journalist, book editor, author and trainer Kalyani Sardesai will take you through the paces in the course of a two day long workshop.


Kalyani Sardesai Senior Journalist and Teacher
Kalyani Sardesai

Kalyani Sardesai, having dealt with assorted media houses over the last 17 years, is well acquainted with the difficulties faced by the users of the language. Her academic qualifications include a gold medal in the Bacherlors in Communication and Journalism program of the University of Pune, and an MA in English Literature program ( for which she topped her college), apart from a PG diploma in Advertising and Copywriting. Thus, she is well-equipped to take you through the various nuances of English grammar and communication. A teacher of creative and feature writing, apart from being a script writer, book editor and author, she is passionate about communicating how and why language and its nuances are so important. Above all, she’d like to stress the point that good language skills are not a gift bestowed upon the chosen few; it is completely possible to pick up good grammar and communication skills at any stage of one’s life.

Workshop Contents:

  • What is a blog? How does it differ from other genres of writing?
  • Getting started–defining your focus
  • Blogging out of interest
  • Blogging for money
  • Attracting readership
  • Importance of visuals, fonts and formatting
  • Discussing popular blogs
  • Writing exercises + Feedback

  •  What is content writing ?
  • Qualities of a good content writer
  • Tips and tools to become a good content writer
  • Writing exercises +feedback
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Hands On Writing Exercises
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20 - 21 July

10:00am to 05:00pm
Early Bird Offer: Rs.3200/-
(Offer Valid till 10th July)
Total Seats: 12

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