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| Courses on the theoretical and practical fundamentals of Cinematography |

Pune, India
Mentor: Lalit Tewari

Cinematography is to Filmmaking like a Lens is to a Camera; neither can function without the other. Hence, Cinematographers have one of the most essential jobs in any film production: bringing a director’s vision to life.

They do this by creating unforgettable images that will have a meaningful impact on our minds. But artistry apart, Cinematography is also a highly technical field. A good Cinematographer needs to know the physics of optics, the chemistry of laboratory processing, the electronics of video cameras and the mathematics of exposure. If ever there was a profession that married science and art, it is the profession of Cinematography.

Living Bridge’s philosophy of learning by doing means that our students develop their technical skills and artistic identities through a dynamic combination of classroom experience, practical hands-on exercises, and instructor-led individual projects. To this end, all students will be able to shoot at a basic level as well as appreciate the creative possibilities of cinematography.


Lalit Tewari Cinematography Professor Pune
Lalit Tewari

Over the past 23 years Lalit Tewari, an independent cinematographer has worked on a wide range of productions, from ad films and TV shows to feature films and documentaries. He approaches every new project with gusto and is always looking for opportunities to challenge himself and learn something new. Learning, Lalit believes is a lifelong process and the only way one can gain vitality in any walk of life.

Having accumulated a vast pool of knowledge and experience, Lalit has also been teaching for the past few years. He was an Associate Professor in the Cinematography department at FTII, Pune for 8 years. He has conducted short cinematography courses at Bhavan’s College; SIES; Wilsons College; IIT, Mumbai; NID; MIT and Living Bridge, Pune.

“Inspiring passionate students to pursue a career in filmmaking would be one of my biggest achievements”, says Lalit. He believes it is his duty to share his expertise with budding filmmakers and show them the path to achieve their goals.

Lalit Tewari holds a Diploma in Cinematography (FTII, 1996) and a Masters Degree in Ancient Indian History and Archeology (Kumaon University, 1992). He has worked on films such as: “Earth Movers”, “Weather Report”, “The Fluid City”, “Ek Haseena Thi”, “Partners in Crime” and many more.

Cinematography Courses

We conduct two cinematography courses in India. These courses are designed keeping in mind the vastness of the subject, ease of understanding, practical accessibility, and affordability. Like every other course at Living Bridge, both these courses will give each student a take away in the form of a project and a firm foundation of knowledge upon which you can build a career.

Elementary Cinematography

Elementary Cinematography Course Pune
This is a basic cinematography course where you will learn camera theory, lensing, lighting, color correction and more. Each topic will be taught through lectures and practical exercises. Each student will prepare and shoot a short film under the guidance of the mentor.

Foundation Cinematography

Foundation Cinematography Course india

This cinematography course will cover everything in the elementary course in more depth and with extended practical exercises. You will learn about different lighting techniques and situations such as, studio lighting, classical lighting, location lighting and how to manipulate them. Each will be supported with extended practical sessions. You will also learn how to operate track and trolley, gimbals, sliders and more.
Each student will prepare and shoot 1 short non-fiction film and 1 short fiction film.

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