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Creative Writing

Unleash the writer within you and explore the world of stories with confidence!

Fiction it magic or or craft..inspiration or or prize! Demystify the process of story writing with practical techniques in this 2 day long Creative Writing Workshop!

This Is An Era Where Creativity Rules!

This is a Writers’ Workshop that has…

  • Innovative exercises for story building
  • Radical techniques for plot development
  • Practical solutions to writers’ block
  • Dynamic methods for characterization
  • A bold new approach to the imaginative side of the mind.
  • A chance to get published in a forthcoming anthology.

When you attend this creative writing workshop, be ready for a guided roller-coaster through the amazing dreamscapes of your own ideas and words.


Chetaan Joshii Creative Writing Professor
Prof. Chetaan Joshii

Chetaan Joshii is a Pune based author with a flair for fiction from the absurd to stark raving reality. He abandoned his career in IT after 12 years to take up writing as his primary profession. His penchant for creative experiments has made him write in almost every genre.
His recently published novella ‘Literally Yours’ (Co-authored with Asha Francis) is a tongue-in-cheek tale on the Indian English writing scenario. His earlier graphic book Animal Palette was received very well at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2012 and was nominated for Best Book and Best Writer at Comic Con 2012. His first book Blind Man’s Buff (Nov.2007, Reprint Mar. 2010) has received widespread international literary praise.
CockTale Carnival, his next collection of stories is soon to be published.

He has been trained by the British Council to teach creative writing.
He is a Visiting Faculty for Creative Writing and Screenplay Writing at Symbiosis Institute(SCMC-UG), Seamedu Institute, Indira School Of Mass Communication, SOFT – School Of Fashion Technology and MIT- ISBJ. He Conducts Creative Writing Workshops with the British Library and Living Bridge .

What is Creativity?

Creativity Has Myriad Faces..
  • A ground-breaking algorithm
  • A mesmerising musical
  • A scintillating sketch
  • A tantalizing dance
  • An unforgettable story
Sharpening The Creative Edge Can…
  • Become a value addition in every sphere of life – personal, social and professional.
  • Rejuvenate the charismatic side of your personality
  • Channelize your passion and convert your pastime into an enriching recreation.
  • Open doors to proactive entertainment.
Creative Writing Workshops Pune

Myths About Creativity

  • Creativity is blessing given to a chosen few.
  • It is a miraculous power that cannot be tapped by practical methods…
  • Creativity is the domain meant only for the artistic mind…

Truths About Creativity

  • Creativity can be programmed.
  • It is a powerful source of energy waiting to be tapped…
  • Creativity has secret triggers that can bring out your hidden potential…
  • It is meant for everyone who cares to explore… (you can start by attending a creative writing workshop like this one)

Workshop Contents:

  • A Writerly Life- Understanding value of writing, sensing inner
    creative rhythm.(Lecture & Interaction)
  • Intro To Elements Of Writing – The Paragraph Vector, Idea, plot,
    character, setting, style, Beginning-Middle-End. (Writing & Interaction)
  • Elements of Story Designing
  • Experiential Writing – Embarrassing/Shocking Incident with a
    fictional ending in any genre. (Writing And Narration)
  • Story Matrix – Elements Of Synopsis Writing. (Writing & Narration)
  • Character Designing – Types, Character sketches,
    Strengths/Flaws/Dreams & Quirks (Writing & Interaction) 
  • Assignment- Character Kidnapping – (Outdoor observation)
  • Intro To Plot Theory (Lecture With Examples)
  • Photo Story & The Chetan Bhagat Syndrome:
    Rules For Writing Drama (Writing)
  • The Curse Of O Henry (Discussion)
  • Mystery Vs Suspense (Debate with Examples from Various Genres)
  • Rules For Writing A Mystery:
    Plot Designing With Props (Game, Writing and Interaction)
  • Principles of Dialogue (Role Play in Fictional Situations) 
  • Assignment- Fictional Dialogue
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Creative Writing Workshop

6 - 7 June

10:00am to 05:00pm
Rs. 4100/-
Early Bird Offer: Rs.3750/-
(Offer Valid till 27th May)
Total Seats: 12

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