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Story Writing

“because we love to get lost in a good story”

| Learn the Art of Writing Stories |

Pune, India
Mentor: Chetaan Joshii
Duration: 2x Weekends + Assignment

An intense writing workshop for aspiring writers that will take the participants through both, the mystical and the realistic realm of fiction writing. This unique module has been designed to cement a strong foundation of story writing fundamentals, as well as show new writers how to become a successful Author.
The workshop includes 4 full day classroom sessions (weekends) at our training centre in Pune and online assignments during the week.

Concepts and methodologies will be broken down into smaller modules such as: idea, characterization, setting, plot, treatment et al, and taught through interactive lectures followed by appropriate writing exercises.
To better understand these concepts and ensure that they become second nature, every student writer will begin to develop their own story ideas using the knowledge they have gained so far.
Along with the mentor’s guidance each student will select one story idea to write and develop into a completed and publishable short story. Each story will have a chance to get published in our forthcoming anthology.


Chetaan Joshii Creative Writing Professor
Prof. Chetaan Joshii

Chetaan Joshii is a Pune based author with a flair for fiction from the absurd to stark raving reality. He abandoned his career in IT after 12 years to take up writing as his primary profession. A penchant for creative experiments has made him write in almost every genre.
His recently published novella ‘Literally Yours’ (Co-authored with Asha Francis) is a tongue-in-cheek tale on the Indian English writing scenario. His earlier graphic book Animal Palette was received very well at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2012 and was nominated for Best Book and Best Writer at Comic Con 2012. Chetaan’s first book Blind Man’s Buff (Nov.2007, Reprint Mar. 2010) has received widespread international literary praise.
CockTale Carnival, his next collection of stories is soon to be published.
Chetaan has been trained by the British Council to teach creative writing.
He is a Visiting Faculty for Creative Writing and Screenplay Writing at Symbiosis Institute(SCMC-UG), Seamedu Institute, Indira School Of Mass Communication, SOFT – School Of Fashion Technology and MIT- ISBJ. He Conducts Writing Workshops with the British Library and Living Bridge .

Workshop Contents:

  • Formats of Fiction writing – Novel, Saga, Epic, Short Story, Flash Fiction.
  • History Of Story Writing
  • Symbolism In Storytelling
  • Characterization, Abducting Characters
  • The Mood Library
  • Bringing The Senses Into Play
  • Introductions to Genres (Crime /Action-Thriller/Horror/Fantasy/
    Science Fiction/ Historical /Romance/Humor)
  • Capturing Ambiences and Settings 
  • Dialogue – Real Versus Realistic
  • Chicklits, Ladlits and The Chetan Bhagat Syndrome
  • Rules of Different Genres (Do s & Don’ts)
  • Genre Matrix (Character/Place/Object/Genre)
  • Mystery Versus Suspense
  • Curse Of O Henry
  • Layering And Subplots
  • Mixed Genres – The Story Roulette
  • Styles and Treatment – (Plate glass, mosaic, sarcastic, humorous)
Fiction Writing Course India
Interactive Lectures
Creative Writing Course Pune
Hands-On Writing Exercises
Story Writing Certificate Course Pune
Certificate Course


4 - 12 Apr

(weekend sessions)
10:00am to 05:00pm
Rs. 8000/-
Early Bird Offer: Rs.7200/-
(Offer Valid till 25th March)
Total Seats: 12

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