Terms & Conditions

Workshop bookings
We try our best to price our workshops as fairly as possible and offer good value for money. We therefore have to have a clear cancellation policy to ensure that we cover our costs and the on-going viability of the workshops.
We hence urge you to carefully check your diary to ensure that you are available to attend any workshops you are booking with us.

Workshop registration can be done online or in person and is confirmed only when full payment has been received from a participant. Bookings can be made up to 24 hours in advance of the workshop commencing if seats are available.

In the event that sufficient confirmed registrations have not been received two weeks in advance of the scheduled starting date, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop.

A certain amount of time is allocated to each session and therefore we will always start at the time advertised. If a participant is more that 15-20 minutes late, it may not be possible for him/her to participate during that session to avoid disturbing other participants and the mentor.

1. If you need to cancel a workshop
We understand that despite a registrant’s best intentions they may find themselves unable to attend a workshop. Unfortunately the fees to all our workshops are non-refundable. However, we will be happy to admit a friend (substitute) to take their place. We will need the name and contact details of the participating person prior to the workshop. The certificate of participation would be issued in the name of the person attending.

2. Our Cancellation and Administration Fee
For workshops at our premises: In the event that a registrant cancels his/her registration prior to 14 days of the start of the workshop, the full amount will be refunded with a deduction of Rs. 750/- as cancellation and administration fee. There are no refunds if cancelled within 14 days of the start of the workshop.
For online/virtual workshops:  Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. For cancellation see  (1.)

3. Our right to cancel a workshop
We reserve the right to make any changes to any aspect of any workshop without notice. Should we need to cancel a workshop due to unforeseen circumstances, we will aim to give registrants as much notice as possible of the cancellation. A full refund will be issued without any liability for travel or other costs.

4. Right to admission to a workshop
We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to decline entry and/or to discontinue attendance to anyone who may have registered to any of our workshops. A full refund less Rs. 750/- cancellation fee will be remitted to the refused registrant.

5. Workshop Suitability
All our workshops are directed at interested participants and the content information is available on our website. Unless indicated, there are generally no prerequisites to attending these workshops. However, we do not take any responsibility as to the suitability of any workshop.