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Films/Movies/Videos are an AUDIO-VISUAL medium which means they contain 50% sound and 50% visual (at times sound even overplays the visual).

Though Sound is one of the most talked about subjects in films, it is still the least understood department of filmmaking. It has been observed that captivating sound is one of the most important attributes that separate a professional film from an amateur one. New and aspiring filmmakers rarely give importance to audio/sound because they usually come from or have a background of writing and photography, neither of which have any association with sound. Due to this gap in knowledge we don’t plan properly for sound and sound related tasks which results in a poor quality sound track and eventually takes the viewer’s attention away from your story and visuals. Many short films, low-budget films, and sometimes even big feature films have failed because of this, despite having an interesting story.

  • Sound cannot be taught only by lectures or theories but by practicing, listening and understanding it.
  • Your mentor will guide you through the entire workshop using film clips, audio clips, live demonstrations and interactive lectures.
  • Laptops/Computers and Headphones are recommended while attending the sessions.
  • The Workshop will take place over 2 Weeks. The timings will be 18:00 to 21:00 IST with a small break.


  • Have better working knowledge of the subject which will allow you to confidently deal with Audio/Sound at all stages of Filmmaking.
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of Sound Design.
  • Receive an e-Certificate on completion of the workshop (minimum 80% attendance).
Basics of Sound Design Virtual Workshop


This basics of sound design workshop will be roughly divided into 2 parts. To put it broadly, the first week will focus on the theory whereas the second week will focus on the practical.

Week 1:
The the first week will focus on establishing a firm understanding of sound through lectures, film clips, demos, and Q&A.

  • Importance of Sound in Film and any other A/V medium (3hrs)
  • Properties of Sound (Fundamental and Subjective) (3hrs)
  • Sound and Techniques (6hrs)
  • Introduction to Sound Designing (3hrs)
The above mentioned durations includes time for Q&A and depending on inputs by the participants we may go beyond the stipulated timing of the workshop.
Week 2:
The second half will focus on understanding the practical application of the concepts learnt so far through analysis of great films and  by doing exercises. Both of these tasks will require participants to commit time outside the duration of the workshop, so please plan for the same.
  •  Hands-on exercises
  • Case study of films and analysis for sound
We expect you to continue analyzing films for sound  as well as keep practicing the exercises that were taught even after the workshop has ended.

Important Notes and Requirements

  • This being a course on sound please use headphones while attending.
  • Ensure that the device you are attending from has a working webcam and microphone.
  • This being a hands-on and interactive workshop, it may not always end on the given time.
  • Workshop will consist of homework assignments and students will be expected to complete the same within the given time. This will require you to commit time outside the duration of the workshop, so kindly plan for the same.
  • Please mention what you expect to gain out of this workshop and why you are attending in the registration form.

About the Mentor

Subhashis Roy Sound Design Teacher

Subhashis Roy

Sound Mixer & Designer

Subhashis Roy graduated from the Film & television Institute of India (FTII) in Cinema with specialization in Film Sound.
Since then he has the experience of working in the Mumbai Film and TV Industry as a Production Sound Mixer and Designer for more than 13 years.
He has worked on several Documentary Films for Various Foreign productions and channels like Channel-4(BBC), Discovery Atlas, PBS(USA and Canada), AARTÈ(French German channel). And worked for various Award Winnig Indian documentary Films.

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Basics of Sound Design Virtual Workshop



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  • Avatar

    Shweta Chakraborty

    Deep insights about Sound in Cinema

    I first attended Subhashis Sir’s class during the Filmmaking workshop, where we had a day long sound workshop to give us basic insights on the importance of sound in cinema. At the end of the workshop when I made my first short film, I realized how crucial handling sound in a film was and that lead me to do the basic sound design course.

    What I found most impressive about Sir’s way of teaching is that he is extremely well organized and thorough in his teaching. His focus doesn’t falter and his course is very well crafted. In just 16hours, he manages to cover so many topics and still finishes his sessions on time without cutting any topics short.

    Though it’s a basic course, he covered many important aspects of sound that is good enough to get beginners started on their sound journey.

    The film clips he shortlisted for sound references were brilliant. Though the workshop was not hands-on, but he gave us some Audacity experience to guide us how sound design is practically done. It is a good starting point for us to practice more hands-on and use tutorials to learn the software better.

    A word of caution – few people might feel that the session is too technical but the field of sound itself is technical, and it only makes sense for the mentor to explain the technical aspects if he wants to do justice to the workshop.

    An excellent course overall, highly recommended for beginner level filmmakers and sound enthusiasts.

    16 February, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Venkata Sudhakar Chirravuri

    A different perspective

    As a budding filmmaker I wanted to gain perspective on all the crafts in the filmmaking. This course helped me to gain knowledge about sound design and made me to pay attention to the craft while watching a movie and understand what goes inside designing the sound. Though this course is basic, the overall experience is enriching. Mentor Mr.Subhashis Roy not only shared his knowledge about sound design but also shared many insights about the practicality, challenges etc while production and post production of the sound. I would recommend this course to all the budding filmmakers and existing filmmakers as well.

    16 February, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Dibyendu

    Things Fell in Perspective

    I am practicing as an amateur filmmaker for the past 10 years. Last year I was even invited to Ukraine to make short documentary films for an Urbanism Festival. However, I don’t have a team, I mostly work alone, sometimes I work with found footage or footage recorded by regular people with no formal interest or training in handling cameras. I myself happen to be in a running and gunning situation. Whereas I can trust others with a camera sometimes but I could never trust anybody with sound unless they are a professional. I have been trying to learn sound design on my own through various online tutorials, books, and some of my friends who have been working with music recording. From my friends, I had some ideas regarding mics, and some of the technical terms, but I always failed to see the big picture. I didn’t know where to start.

    This workshop made all those bits and pieces I had learned actively or passively fall in perspective, and more. Through this systematic learning, a lot of things I had seen people do or discuss regarding sound design, started to make sense. Seeing the big picture is still a long way for me, I however have found which direction I need to see.

    And if an advanced course on “sound design for films” is on the way then I will be the first one to register.

    Thank you.

    3 December, 2020

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  • Avatar

    Paulomi Jayakar


    I have done film appreciation course before, with FTII, years ago. That course described films as a visual art and we had discussions on history of cinema, story telling, visuals, camerawork, visual editing but sound was not discussed so much. This course on sound design has complimented that earlier experience and has completed my understanding of films. Very efficiently planned lessons and information with an ear for detail and coceptual work both. Technical knowledge was imparted well for beginners. All this in a humble fees frame is unimaginable in today’s times. Thank you Living bridge for promoting the course on facebook. Thank you Subhashis Dada for your time, patience and thoroughness of approach. It was an important milestone for me. All the best!

    27 October, 2020

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  • Avatar

    Kabir Agarwal

    Sound Design workshop

    Very helpful workshop. A wide range of topics were covered in a short amount of time, providing a good base for further education in this field.
    Thanks to Subhashis Sir and the living bridge team for organising this.

    30 September, 2020
    Verified Purchase

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