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A short film appreciation course to Deconstruct, Understand, and Appreciate the Magic of Cinema; while learning about the spectacle, struggles, & power of this Art form.

As film-buffs we passionately love and fiercely criticize the movies we watch. What we don’t realize is that our taste in cinema is also limited by our understanding of it.

A classical music concert is more enjoyable if you understand the nuances of the genre; a game of cricket more fulfilling if one can read the field set-up and predict the next delivery.

Just as a psychologist’s reading of the human mind, or a chess-player’s strategy in competition are all acquired skills, so is the understanding and appreciation of films.

In this eight-day (4hrs per day) film appreciation course, we will break down the language of cinema in a manner that is understandable to even the most unaware.


  • Understand the powers/characteristics of Cinema.
  • Learn how and why it is so influential in society.
  • Learn to  Analyse or “Read” a film.
  • Receive an e-Certificate on completion of the workshop.


Do you ever wonder why some films stay with you for a long time (sometimes forever); Or that one scene that keeps cropping up  in your mind ever so often?

Have you ever watched a film where you found a character who inspired you to make changes to your own life?

Ever wonder why Politicians and Big Business are so keen to control Cinema (some they praise and others they denounce)? 

If these are some of the questions you want answers to or you have a passion for Cinema and want to learn more about this medium, this workshop is for you.

Also, if you are thinking of exploring films as a career option or planning to make films of your own, then this is a good place to start.


  • The medium that is Cinema: Why and how do movies affect us? How is a film  different from other media like novels or plays?
  • How film affects our experience of seeing
  • How film affects our perception of time and space: How are time and space  manipulated in Cinema?
  • A brief look at history
  • The future of cinema: All art forms, be it music, poetry, dance, theatre or even prose, have changed and evolved over the past centuries. But where is cinema heading? What are the 100-year old medium’s aspirations for itself? Who is shaping the future of cinema and how?
  •  Origins of Cinema
  • Film Language: Key Concepts; Semiotics in Cinema, Signs and Symbols.
  • Introduction to the basic terminology of Filmmaking
Cinema Paradiso Living Bridge
Cinema Paradiso (1988)

       1. Works of Charles & Ray Eames (Tops, Powers of Ten)             
       2. Works of Norman Mclaren (Neighbors, A Chairy Tale, and more)
       3. Naked Island
       4. Works of Maya Deren
       5. Cinema Paradiso: Italian Classic (Detailed Analysis)
       6. Cast Away: American Contemporary (Detailed Analysis)
       7. Inception : American Contemporary
           and as many short films as time permits


     1. Man with the Movie Camera
     2. Triumph of the Will
     3. Samsara
     4. Works of Bert Haanstra (Zoo, Glass)
         and more if time permits.

(*List of films is only indicative and is subject to change during the film appreciation course)

film appreciation workshop pune
Cast Away (2000)

About the Mentor

Prashant Desai Living Bridge Pune

Prashant Desai

Filmmaker & Photographer

Prof. Prashant Desai (Anchor Faculty) graduated from the Film & television Institute of India (FTII), Pune in Cinema with specialization in Cinematography in 1982. Since then he has worked in the industry in various capacities in Cinematography, screenplay writing, Production and Direction. He has taught at FTII, Pune and NID, Ahmedabad. He was the HOD (Film & Video) at MIT Institute of Design, Pune and Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai. He teaches at SNDT, Mumbai, regularly since 1996. He has also taught at FLAME and MRID (Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gaekwad Institute of Design, Baroda) His Filmmaking and Film Appreciation course are highly appreciated by the participants. He is also a partner at Living Bridge.

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