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In this 6-week Film Editing Virtual Workshop, you will learn the fundamental concepts and techniques of editing while getting trained on the latest video editing software tools. Designed by one of India’s finest editors Niraj Voralia (FTII ’96), this workshop will provide a secure foundation upon which you can build a  successful career.


  • Passionate individuals who want to learn to make movies.
  • Students who are considering films as a vocational pursuit.
  • Film industry/Media professionals working in any department.
  • Aspiring Youtube/online video content creators.
  • Educators/Trainers (to make films as a tool for training)

The Workshop will be conducted over 6 Weeks from 18:00 to 21:00 on MON-TUE-THU-FRI.

Film Editing Fundamentals Virtual Workshop


Theory and concepts of film editing

  • A brief history of film editing
  • Continuity
  • Alternatives to continuity
  • Understanding narrative and various types of storytelling
  • Time and Space in cinema
  • Editing various types of sequences:
    • Dialogue
    • Action
    • Montages
  • Rhythm, timing, pacing
  • Basics of using sound in cinema
  • Editing documentaries and other forms of non-fiction
  • Understanding film style; maintaining the film’s style while editing it
  • A look at editing ads, promos and corporate films
  • Understanding the basics of colour and colour theory (If time permits)
  • Technical topics:
  • The film image, how it is formed
  • The analog video image:
    • Digital video
    • Analog versus digital
    • Sampling
    • Formats, files, containers
    • Compression 

Practical exercises and training on the latest video editing software

At least half the duration of the Workshop will be spent on doing practical exercises. These exercises will be worked on everyday.

  • Basics of video editing software
  • How to start a project
  • Import and organize files
  • Making an assembly
  • Rough cut
  • Final cut with basic leveling of sound
  • Titles
  • Basic transitions and effects
  • Mastering and Final export

Workshop will consist of many homework assignments and students will be expected to complete the same within the given time.

About the Mentor

Niraj Voralia Film Editing Virtual Workshop

Niraj Voralia


Prof. Niraj Voralia graduated from FTII in 1996 with a specialization in film editing and has been working as a freelance editor since then. He has edited more than a dozen feature films. He has also been involved in academics for over a decade, teaching theory as well as the practical aspects of filmmaking and editing in particular at various institutes.

He is a regular Visiting Faculty at the Social Communications Media Department, Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai and, Digital Academy, Mumbai. Niraj has also taken film editing courses at Whistling Woods International,Mumbai. National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. FTII, Pune. IDC (IIT, Mumbai). He has taken workshops with organizations such as Majlis, Point of View, Filament Pictures, among others.

As part of his work with students, he has edited over fifty non-fiction projects and an equal number of fiction projects. Several of these have been shown on national television and at various festivals and have also won several awards.
Years of being involved in academics have strengthened his firm belief that teaching is a two-way process, where knowledge, understanding and energy are given and received in equal measure.

Notable Films:
Shwaas“, it won the National Award for Best Feature Film, 2004; also India’s official entry for the Oscars, 2005; Alpha Puraskar for Best Editing. “Aurangzeb”, “Valoo”, “Vihir”, “Dahavi F”, “Nadi Vahate”, “Kshitij”, “Dha”, “K Sera Sera” (Konkani), worked on “Class of ’83” (produced by Red Chillies for Netflix) and more.
He has also edited over thirty documentaries and an equal number of short fiction films, most notably: “Kalighat Fetish”, (Best Documentary 2001, Tampere Film Festival, Finland); “Cinema ka Sapna Dekha Hai?”, “Moner Manush”, “Yeh Gulistan Hamara”, “Begum Hazrat Mahal”, “Dancing Othello”.

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Film Editing Fundamentals Virtual Workshop

 18,750.00  15,000.00


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