Film Studies: American Cinema


The course introduces participants to some of the major historical periods of American cinema, quintessential American genres (the western, film noir and horror), and modes of production that include the rich documentary traditions and landmarks in experimental, non-narrative, avant-garde cinemas. It examines various aspects of ‘classical’ Hollywood cinema and the Hollywood studio system (1920s-1960s) which laid the foundation for the global dominance of this film industry. It also explores the break-up of the motion picture studios, demographic changes, the film ratings system, the “blockbuster syndrome,” the “event film,” independent filmmaking, growth of home video, and market globalization during the 1970s New Wave and over subsequent eras. Over five days, this course, which is a selective overview, contextualizes seminal films (Citizen Kane, The Searchers, The Exorcist, Bowling for Columbine et. al.) and situates major filmmakers (Orson Welles, John Ford, John Cassavetes, Robert Altman and others) in their socio-political, economic and cultural milieus.

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Dr. Nandana Bose is a film scholar, author and educator who has taught Film Studies courses in U.K., USA and India for over a decade. She is a former Associate Professor in the Department of Film Studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW), USA where she enjoyed teaching courses such as Introduction to Film Study, New Korean Cinema, World Cinema and Popular Hindi Cinema. She was awarded tenure with promotion by UNCW in 2015. More recently, she was Associate Professor at FLAME University, Pune. She holds a PhD degree in Film Studies from University of Nottingham, England, two Masters’ degrees, and is a gold medalist from Jadavpur University.

She is the author of the monograph Madhuri Dixit (2019) published by the British Film Institute (as part of its Film Stars series) and Bloomsbury Academic. She has been published in such refereed international academic journals as Cinema Journal, Celebrity Studies, Feminist Media Studies, Velvet Light Trap, Economic and Political Weekly and many more.
Dr. Bose has been an invited speaker at Emory University (USA), Carleton University (Canada) and Warwick University (England), and has delivered research papers on film censorship, cinema and gender, stardom and celebrity studies at international media conferences in U.S.A., U.K., Italy and Malaysia. Her scholarly work has been mentioned The Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Caravan: A Journal of Politics and Culture and The Week.

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DAY 1: Early American Cinema:

DAY 2: What is Classical Hollywood Cinema? The Golden Age. 

DAY 3: 1970s New Hollywood Cinema/“Hollywood Renaissance”:

DAY 4: American Avant-Garde and Experimental Cinema:

DAY 5: American Genres: The Western, The Film Noir & Horror.


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