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Where do ideas come from? What Makes a good Story? Story to Screenplay what does it take? Why Cinema?
The course focuses on elements of screenplay writing. From an idea to a story to a screenplay, the course takes you through the art and craft of the cinematic writing domain.
Character or Plot? Who drives the story? Story or Structure what drives the treatment?
In this 3-week long workshop, get all your questions addressed and understand the process of screenwriting by attempting to write a short film.

Week 1:
From the world of stories to the world of storytelling via Films. What goes into the cinematic story?
What are the basic elements? Where does drama come from?
How well do I need to know my characters?

Week 2:
We need to analyse and beat sheet good films to appreciate what makes them work.
Then we work on 4 ideas, workshop them and create a workable storyline.

Week 3:
We get into the craft of screenplay writing, telling the story via scenes.
We attempt the first draft of screenplay for the storylines created.

This Workshop will be conducted on Google Meet. (Monday to Friday; 18:00 to 21:00)


  • Learn and understand the core principles of screenplay writing.
  • Learn how to watch and analyze films from the screenwriter’s perspective.
  • Through the exercises in the workshop, get a taste of what it takes to go from idea to story to screenplay.
  • Receive an e-Certificate on completion of the workshop (minimum 80% attendance).


This is a course for those of you who want to learn screenwriting and try writing a short film. We will understand the basics of screenwriting and attempt to understand the process of writing a short film. Though there are umpteen ways of going about it. We take you through one such process end to end.

screenwriting virtual online workshop


Course Objectives:

  • To familiarize the participants with the essentials of screenplay writing 
  • To develop a short film idea into a first draft of a screenplay.


Week 1: 

  • Storytelling & Cinema: Why stories? Why cinema? Why Short Films?
  • Role of a Screenwriter
    • Writer’s Toolkit: Freewriting Exercise
  • Elements of a Screenplay: Character, Setting, Conflict, Story, Plot, Structure, Theme, Premise. 
    • Writer’s Toolkit: Reverse-writing a film. 
  • 3D Character: Physiology, Psychology and Sociology of a Character 
    • Writer’s Toolkit: Character Building Exercise
  • Diving deep in Character: Want, Need, Stake, Strength, Weakness.
    • Writer’s Toolkit: Character in a situation exercise
  • Drama: The conflict spectrum. Internal and External Conflict. 
  • Theme and Premise: Your two guideposts 
  • A Short Film : Key Elements


Week 2: 

  • Writers at Work : Watch films, analyze them, create beat sheets and understand what makes them work.
  • Discussion and Development : Work on 4 – 5 story ideas and construct them into workable storylines.


Week 3: 

  • Cinematic Structure & it’s Emotional Significance 
  • Acts, Plot Points, Sequences 
    • Writer’s Toolkit: Short Film Beat sheet
  • Scene Design: Functions and structure of a scene
    • Writer’s Toolkit: Scene Writing Exercise
  • Scene Design Extended
    • Drilling deeper into the scenes
  • Screenplay Writing Format
    • Writer’s Toolkit: All Writing is Rewriting
  • Screenplay Writing
    • Writer’s Toolkit: All Writing is Rewriting


*Course structure is indicative and may change depending on the progress of the group, but we will ensure that all the topics are covered.

About the Mentor

Vaidehi Sancheti Screenwriting online course 1

Vaidehi Sancheti


An Engineer by profession, a Writer by occupation Vaidehi Sancheti is an adept and motivating teacher. A self-critical and hardworking Writer; writing is like breathing to her. Films are her passion and Storytelling is her primary vocation.
Having studied Screenplay Writing at FTII, Vaidehi loves to encourage more and more people to write.
She has been conducting Story Building workshops and Screenplay Writing workshops for new writers at institutes like FTII, Living Bridge in Pune, and many more around the country.

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  • Avatar

    Shweta Chakraborty

    The go-to course for every aspiring screenwriter

    Like all other living bridge workshops that I have attended, the screen writing workshop is another excellent one.
    The workshop is very intense but Vaidehi Maam’s way of teaching makes it engaging, exciting and fun. Her non-judgemental and fun-filled nature, patience and generosity in sharing knowledge is admirable.
    The course is exhaustive and covers all the elements of screen writing. There are ample film references from various genres, detailed analysis sessions and numerous writing exercises. The sessions involve detailed explanation of character and plot building and other practical aspects of screen writing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and didn’t want it to end.
    Thank you Vaidehi Maa’m for being so amazing.
    Thank you once again, living bridge for bringing such wonderful mentors under the same roof.

    Best Wishes and Warm Regards.

    13 March, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Vidhi Salla

    The best workshop for EVERY aspiring writer

    Whether you’re just starting to write fiction or have been writing professionally for films and other media, this workshop will take your writing skills several notches higher. I thoroughly enjoyed every session of this screenwriting workshop. Vaidehi ma’am is extremely thorough and really patient with answering all your questions. She gives in-class writing assignments and every class is packed with so much practical information on building plots and developing characters. She’s really generous with sharing her knowledge and that’s priceless when you’re learning a course at a professional level. I would highly recommend watching all the films in the reference list shared once you enrol for the class. It will enhance your understanding of the workshops. It also helps to complete all the assignments during the class duration so you can get peer review and Vaidehi ma’am’s review of your work. Kabir is a constant help throughout the sessions and it helps to know that the infrastructure of Living Bridge is built to give the most enriching education to all participants.

    11 March, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Nihar Desai

    3 weeks of film school

    I have been writing for years now, but I was hitting a major creative block since a few months. Although I had a lot of story ideas penned down, I was struggling with translating them into a visual narrative, and I feel this is where the class helped me the most.

    The kind of films we were shown, the way we were made to break films down, and something as basic as understanding character motivations, everything was taught in such a simple manner using really helpful excercises and assignments (which were super fun btw!) – that I could not have asked for a better intervention to clear my mental block with writing.

    Thanks a lot Vaidehi for being such a brilliant, fun filled, non-judgemental mentor, this workshop has definitely made me super confident about believing in my tiny stories. To the Living Bridge team, thanks a tonne for putting this together. You guys have surely nailed it in the right spot.

    Warm Regards.

    14 December, 2020
    Verified Purchase

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  • Niladri Sircar

    Screenwriting Workshop

    I came with a half baked knowledge, after three weeks , I am fully satisfied and gained confidence on Screenwriting techniques.

    7 October, 2020
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Soumi Dutta

    Life Changing

    This workshop has totally changed the way I look at films, storytelling, and my surroundings. It’s like I have a new lens for everything altogether.

    5 October, 2020
    Verified Purchase

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