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Lately, documentaries have found their way to even our home watching lists. if you look at any online platforms these days, you will find a huge category of documentaries and docuseries.

Fiction films with fancy and good-looking visuals are no more the only superstars. There is a hungry audience for documentaries and even longer formats like docuseries which gives writers an opportunity to explore such a powerful storytelling format.

Within this course, we will try to explore a little more into this form of storytelling for writers and writing enthusiasts.

Writing for Documentaries Online Course Workshop


  • Discussing documentary filmmaking. comparing it with fiction filmmaking and news reports (similarities and differences).
  • How to get ideas for documentaries?
  • Developing the idea into a treatment
  • How to research?
  • Moving on from research to outline
  • Shooting script-Editing script and narrations
  • Episodic structure for the documentary series
  • Pitching the treatments
  • Film Analysis: Throughout the workshop we will be watching, analyzing, and learning from documentaries like “5 broken cameras“, “Sicko“, “Man on wire“, “The last dance” and more. A significant portion of the sessions will be dedicated to this.
  • Personal Project: After the first day onwards, you will be expected to start work on your personal project.
    • Watching a short documentary in the class and discussing the Idea and how to personalize it
    • Discussing project ideas in class with mentor (each participant will be asked to come at least with 3 ideas)
    • Discussing & locking the ideas for a documentary in the class.
    • Start working on treatment.
    • Discussing the research process of projects
    • Feedback
  • Important note: There will be homework after almost every session. All the film viewing and work on your personal projects will have to be done as homework. So when you register please account for the time commitment beyond the hours of the sessions.
    This is a live workshop, it is not recorded.

About the Mentor

ipek ghashghaie screenwriting documentary mentor 2

Ipek Ghashghaie


Ipek Ghashghaie has undertaken her bachelor’s degree in Direction from Sooreh Art University, Tehran, Iran, and a diploma in Screenwriting from Whistling Woods International. She has joined whistling woods international Mumbai as a full-time faculty since 2018.
She started her career with photography, directing documentary films in Iran, and acting in theatre. She wrote/co-wrote short and feature screenplays that have been made by her along with other directors. The same was screened at international short film festivals, of which the latest were Zinebi Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Films 2019.
Ipek has proven expertise in writing short and feature scripts and developing original ideas. Currently, she is working on features and short scripts as a freelance writer. She has taken part in various international documentaries filmmaking workshops and has the experience of being a part of the filmmaking process in different cultures.

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Writing Documentaries Virtual Workshop



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