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Our modern lifestyles and work deadlines often leave us physically drained and mentally stressed out. Music, especially classical music, has a powerful– almost magical – ability to transport us to a sublime state. India has a particularly rich tradition of highly sophisticated classical music forms that have come down through the ages. Listening to and appreciating Indian classical music can be a particularly rewarding and transcendental experience.

Many of us have a cursory understanding of these traditions, however, seeking true engagement and pleasure from Indian classical music does require some initiation and active effort from the listener. Furthermore, most discussions on Indian classical music center on its academic aspects, and are mainly carried out by theoreticians/musicologists as opposed to practicing musicians. Thus many wouldbe listeners are turned away.


This workshop is designed to initiate audiences with limited or even no exposure to Hindustani or North Indian classical music to its fundamentals. It will introduce the audience to the basic terminology of Indian classical music and its various forms. The audience will be familiarized with the basic components of a performance and taught how to recognize its aesthetic features.


So if you’ve always wanted to learn about Hindustani Classical music and not known where to start, or if you want to know how to be an informed listener and learn to recognize the nuances of this art form, this workshop is for you!

Hindustani Classical Music Appreciation Workshop 2


The workshop will be conducted over 4 days from 18:30 to 21:30 on Google Meet.

  • A brief overview of the five categories of music; it’s variety and features
  • Introduction to basic notes, Saptak, Samvad
  • Concept of Raga
  • Concept of Laya – Tala
  • Concept of Bandish
  • Techniques of Elaboration
  • Forms in classical music
  • A typical contemporary performance of classical music; audience etiquettes
  • Accompanying instruments and their role
  • Raga-Ras (aesthetic emotion) relation, Raga-samay (time) relation
  • Gharanas (Schools of thought) and their contribution/ characteristics
  • Summing up, Q & A

The workshop is designed to combine instruction with demonstration and listening to audio/video recordings. Along with audio-visual media, the participants would be given printed/digital notes and AV content to further their understanding of the complexities of North Indian Classical Music.

About the Mentor

Pushkar Lele Hindustani Classical Vocalist

Pushkar Lele

Hindustani Classical Vocalist, Guru, Researcher & Writer

Pushkar is today, one of India’s leading young and soughtafter classical vocalists. A rigorous study of more than two decades with renowned and able Gurus like Pt. Gangadharbua Pimpalkhare, Shri. Vijay Koparkar, Pt. Vijay Sardeshmukh and Pt. Satyasheel Deshpande has enriched Pushkar with a rich fund of knowledge.

Pushkar holds a Master’s Degree in Music from Lalit Kala Kendra (Centre for Performing Arts), University of Pune and is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and scholarships.

Pushkar has performed at many prestigious music stages all over India and has been to USA, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore and UAE for concert tours.

He is the Founder-Director of ‘Gandhaar School of Music’ where students are trained in Hindustani Classical Vocal Music using a contemporary approach. He has worked as the Artistic-Director of Kaveri Kalakshetra, an arts organization.. He is also on the panel of Guru-s of Lalit Kala Kendra, University of Pune as well as Shadja.com, a virtual gurukul to teach classical music online.

Pushkar has been featured as one of 35 Young Achievers from all over India, belonging to various fields by INDIA TODAY magazine and has many albums to his credit, brought out by Alurkar Music House, Ninaad Creations, Dreams Entertainment and Sonic Octaves.

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Hindustani Classical Music Appreciation Workshop

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  • Avatar

    Kailasnath Radhakrishnan

    My experience

    The programme met my requirements to understand the basics of Hindustani Classical Music. Well presented and explained with adequate examples. Not more not less.
    Sharing the day’s notes would have been beneficial in quicker understanding;but I am none the worse for getting it at the end of the sessions.
    Some of the comments on the musicians re. their adopting appellations may have been avoided. Also the presented had a tendency to be repetitive. Can make an attempt to minimise.
    I will wholeheartedly recommend to my friends ans anyone else seeking an understanding of HCM. Humongous effort to put this information together. Deeply appreciate it.

    1 March, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Keshav Athreya

    Thanks to Pushkar Lele and Living Bridge for this intro to HCM

    I had a great time attending Pushkar Lele’s sessions on Hindustani Classical Music (HCM) over the last week. It was a whistle-stop tour of the major aspects of the art form – history, elements that make it unique, the social milieu in which it evolved and key practitioners.
    I especially loved the performer and practitioner’s perspective that Pushkarji brought to the art form. I don’t know if anyone else would have been able to teach this course as well. He has the knowledge and articulation of a scholar and the voice of someone who has been practising this art form for over 30 years. I loved the short audio clips that he played to illustrate the forms of HCM and it made me want to go back and listen to more of it. Thanks to Pushkarji and Living Bridge for this course.

    20 February, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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