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Basics of Fiction and Non-fiction Writing by novelist and columnist Gouri Dange.

Whether you are a published or aspiring writer, or simply enjoy writing, this workshop or ‘Writer’s Gym’ will help the writer in you emerge stronger.


  • Understand your own writing aspirations
  • Hone writing habits.
  • Get started with your writing career.
  • Receive an e-Certificate on completion of the workshop (minimum 80% attendance).
Basics of Creative Writing Virtual Workshop Online


  • Get into, and then past, the purely autobiographical 
  • Transform the personal into the universal
  • Produce fictitious characters, relationships and events
  • Depict human relationships in a layered way
  • Plug into inter-disciplinary creativity 
  • Learn the interplay between creativity, inspiration and plain hard work
  • Edit, rewrite, and evaluate your own work
  • Build your vocabulary – working with words and making words work for you 
  • Reverse-engineer well-known stories and opinion pieces
  • Write fiction, non-fiction and faction
  • Play with various genres and learn to use the right one
  • Pace oneself – quick turnover versus long projects in a writer’s repertoire. 
  • Understand the balance between writing ‘for myself’ and writing-to-order. The craft and commerce of writing.
  • Learn about the writer’s juggle: of demands, realities, inspiration, bad days, good days; enabling and disabling situations and choices.

About the Mentor

Gouri Dange Author and Teacher

Gouri Dange

Novelist & Columnist

Popular columnist, novelist, editor and counsellor, Gouri Dange has been working and playing with words for the last 20 years. Her writing workshops draw a range of participants, where the emphasis is on helping people find their writerly voice. She is the author of three novels, four books on parenting, a children’s book, a book on a tyrant dog, and is currently working on two more books. She teaches Creative Writing at FLAME University. 

She has been published by Penguin, Random House, Jaico, Harper Collins. Her columns and short stories appear in national newspapers and magazines.

Learn More About Gouri Dange >

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Basics of Creative Writing Virtual Workshop

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8 reviews for Basics of Creative Writing Virtual Workshop

  1. Avatar

    Shraddha Shetty

    Excellent sessions!
    Highly recommended!

  2. Avatar

    Sucheta Potnis

    I finished the Basics of Creative writing workshop in July 2020.
    I have read all the books by Gouri Dange and lived each. I also follow her weekly columns. It was her easy writing, her depth of characters and the extremely relatable subjects that keep me going back.
    I was hoping to get some direction for my own writing from this workshop and I was totally happy. Gouri madam is a very good teacher. In so many ways she spurs you on. Gentle but fundamental pointers showed us how to write. How to avoid cliches and just how to get better. She is approachable, empathetic and makes writing attractive.
    I would strongly recommend this workshop to would like to write and write well.
    Thank you.

  3. Avatar

    Sara Chauhan

    I was hooked to attend this workshop by the brochure itself and what it had to offer in syllabus and from the mentor Gouri ma’am. When I attended the workshop I loved it. It really opened me up, made the writer in me excited. I loved sharing my writings and listening to other people’s stories. I looked forward to the next day of the workshop as well. It was so helpful and motivating. Gouri ma’am is truly so amazing, she has so much knowledge and is so humble and easy to speak to! Loved it!!! A BIG thanks to Aziz sir as well who during these corona times is so dedicated to living bridge and the silent backbone of the group. Thanks so much sir, you are such an inspiration!

  4. Avatar

    sampriti sen

    I looked forward to the weekends of the workshop. Gouri is a mentor who guides by showing and not telling. I would recommend this workshop to everyone who has something to say – and to quote Gouri “everyone has” 🙂
    It was an enriching experience left me with a set of skill set worth remembering not only to write better – but to read and listen better too!

  5. Avatar

    Swapna Shetty

    The workshop was indeed excellent. I am glad I did this one. Her teaching is simple, techniques are great. The exercises she gave were challenging but stimulating. For those like me who love to write but are not sure how to write in a way that readers would love, this workshop is the answer.

  6. Avatar

    Varsha Joglekar

    It was a wonderful experience to be a part of such enriching workshop. The mentor was amazing and really inspired all of us to start penning our thoughts! I am glad that I could be a part of this workshop and would love to attend more such workshops !

  7. Avatar

    Apoorva Talwalkar

    The workshop was a wonderful experience especially for beginners like me. It gives you a great place to begin, if you want to write but are struggling with how to start. A lot of basic tips and tricks and skills that can be added to your arsenal as you kick-off your writing journey. Gouri was a really great mentor, who made the sessions very interesting and interactive, and always had a kind and encouraging word for everyone.

  8. Avatar

    Dipali Taneja

    A most enriching experience. Gouri is a wonderful teacher, and the writing exercises she gave us were great fun to do and challenging as well. Her insights and analyses were excellent. The group was an interesting one, with a rapport being established among complete strangers within a very short time. The WhatsApp group was a boon. Missing our wonderful evenings spent together from our diverse locations.

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