Kitchen Tales Workshop: Writing Cookbook Chronicles


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The cookbook as chronicle – of a region, a family, a life, an era – has been and continues to be a rich genre, full of potential for the seasoned as well as half-ripe writer!

Putting together even a slim little collection of family-favourite recipes,  or the specialities of a once-agile aunt or parent’s wizardry at the table, the anecdotes surrounding them, is a beautiful way to cherish, even pay homage, to chronicle, a way of life.

If you believe the saying that ‘cooking is love made edible’, and writing about it renders all of it even more memorable, this workshop is for you.

This workshop will be conducted by writer Gouri Dange, who has written extensively on food – and found a way to lace even her fiction with food-stories.


Three-day (three hours a day), this workshop would guide people who want to write family chronicles, family or community cookbooks, or write personal food-related memoirs, that stir together food, anecdotes, memories. 

This workshop is for people who want to go ahead and plan to put together one particular book, perhaps for the family or for an elder’s birthday or anniversary, for future generations, for a reunion group…. It would be of use to writers taking on such projects for a client too.

Kitchen Tales Workshop Writing Cookbook Chronicles


While each participant may have very specific needs to put together such a book, the facilitator would show participants the pre-writing and writing tools needed for such a project. This would involve modules and exercises and timeframes on how to:

  • Find and develop a theme for your particular cookbook-chronicle.
  • Go about gathering material, sourcing stories, possibly letters, handwritten notebooks, and other material.
  • Sequencing the text so that there is a pattern and not just a jumble of stand-alone recipes and stories.
  • Finding the right tone and level of information, ensuring readability as well as ease of use.
  • Learning to title and subtitle chapters, visuals, in an interesting, evocative way.
  • Putting together a first draft and then edit your work further.
  • Thinking visually to be able to work with a designer/photographer/artist.
  • Generating an index, glossary, ingredient sources, and other garnishes for the reader.
  • Creative funding and publishing options for your book project.
  • Reading list of other similar books and blogs to browse.


By the end of the three days, participants will be able to build and finalize their specific, ready-to-
start cookbook project with workable timelines and deadlines.

About the Mentor

Gouri Dange Author and Teacher

Gouri Dange

Novelist & Columnist

Popular columnist, novelist, editor and counsellor, Gouri Dange has been working and playing with words for the last 20 years. Her writing workshops draw a range of participants, where the emphasis is on helping people find their writerly voice. She is the author of three novels, four books on parenting, a children’s book, a book on a tyrant dog, and is currently working on two more books. She teaches Creative Writing at FLAME University. 

She has been published by Penguin, Random House, Jaico, Harper Collins. Her columns and short stories appear in national newspapers and magazines.

One of the genres she has written extensively in, is food. 

Learn More About Gouri Dange >

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Kitchen Tales Workshop: Writing Cookbook Chronicles

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