Paws & Pens: Writing Workshop for Animal Lovers


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20 - 25

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6hrs / 2 days




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A one-of-a-kind writing workshop for those who want to write about thoughts, feelings and experiences with their pets and the birds and animals we interact with or observe.

Participants will work with fiction as well as non-fiction. The writing exercises will cover all writing moods and styles, from the funny and playful to the serious and sentimental.

This is not a workshop about animal therapy or about animal communication. It is purely a writing workshop with the focus on putting in words and communicating to other people, the joys and challenges of having an animal in your life.

Paws and Pens Writing Workshop for Animal Lovers


Unleash the writer in you with a variety of writing exercises that will cover:

  • The animal-human bond
  • The comic and the entertaining
  • Character word-sketches
  • Animal activism writing
  • Biographies, blogs and diaries
  • Obituaries and memorials

Playing with different genres like poems,  haikus, short-stories, novel structures, essays, editorials, the workshop will provide tools to budding as well as seasoned writers to express themselves about the joys, fears, heartbreak and responsibilities of being an animal lover.

A suggested reading-list will be provided for participants to follow up on after the workshop.

About the Mentor

Gouri Dange Author and Teacher

Gouri Dange


Popular columnist, novelist, editor and counsellor, Gouri Dange has been working and playing with words for the last 20 years. Her writing workshops draw a range of participants, where the emphasis is on helping people find their writerly voice. She is the author of three novels, four books on parenting, a children’s book, a book on a tyrant dog, and is currently working on two more books. She teaches Creative Writing at FLAME University. 

She has been published by Penguin, Random House, Jaico, Harper Collins. Her columns and short stories appear in national newspapers and magazines.

Gouri is an animal lover and the author of dog story Yoyo-nama.

Learn More About Gouri Dange >

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Paws & Pens: Writing Workshop for Animal Lovers



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  • Avatar

    Charu Chaturvedi

    Paws and pen

    Even though I could only attend 1 session of the 2 day class. I really enjoyed it. I have not written in a long time and in those few hours encouraged me to think about what I want to write and how I want my writing to go especially for this theme.

    12 April, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Neelima Deshpande

    A wonderful weekend visiting my dearest pet

    I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this weekend workshop on writing about animals in my life. I wanted to use the creative inspiration to process my grief at the passing of my dearest Cookie ( he died during the lockdown when I couldnt be with him). I went through the gamut of sadness, tears, heartache, joy, appreciation and gratitude for his life. I could finally write an obituary and an epitaph for him. He isn’t buried where I can visit everyday thanks to the lockdown but Gouri helped me process my grief and meet him in my imagination to tell him how much I loved and appreciated him. Thank you so much for this opportunity to feel deeply and heal my hurt.

    2 February, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Shreya Chaubey

    Ana amazingly experience

    Its been a one of a kind session that I have attended and I really enjoyed the theme and content. Thanks

    2 February, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Dipali Taneja

    An Em'paw'ering experience

    I didn’t think I would attend this workshop because I never thought of myself as a great animal lover. In recent weeks, though, I found myself, strangely for me, growing fonder and fonder of my son’s rescue dog, Betty. During the course of the workshop, I realised that animals actually had played a significant part in my life, whether fictional or actual. The structure of the workshop was excellent, leading to much learning and creativity. Gouri’s mentorship, as always, makes it an unforgettable experience. The energy of this particular group of participants was also phenomenal.

    2 February, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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