Self Awareness and Growth through Writing


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20 - 25

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12hrs / 4 days




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What lies unexpressed or unknown within us, controls and limits us. The workshop aims to help participants explore and express their life’s issues – their sorrows and joys, hopes and fears – through the use of various writing formats/genres. The process of playing with writing forms and content will help participants shed new light on long-standing issues that have become impediments to growth. Participants will grow in self-knowledge as well as empathy with the other.

All of this will be through the use of creative writing tools, which make for a playful yet extremely meaningful engagement with long-standing issues for most participants.

Transformation and change, however dramatic or quiet, is always therapeutic and healing, as this workshop will demonstrate. The experiential nature of the workshop is designed to give participants insights into their attitudes and behaviours, and to help them view life issues, and their way of handling them, in new and different ways.

This 4-day workshop is of therapeutic value for all those who feel caught in a whirlpool of emotions or in an inflexible grid.

While the workshop will be conducted in English, those more comfortable in Hindi writing and communicating can participate fruitfully too.

At the end of this workshop, participants will emerge with a new understanding of themselves, their relationships, and some of their blind-spots. They will be able to look closely at what aspects of their own behaviour and relationships they must tend, mend, or end.

Self Awareness and Growth through Writing Gouri Dange

About the Mentor

Gouri Dange Author and Teacher

Gouri Dange


Popular columnist, novelist, editor and counsellor, Gouri Dange has been working and playing with words for the last 20 years. Her writing workshops draw a range of participants, where the emphasis is on helping people find their writerly voice. She is the author of three novels, four books on parenting, a children’s book, a book on a tyrant dog, and is currently working on two more books. She teaches Creative Writing at FLAME University. 

She has been published by Penguin, Random House, Jaico, Harper Collins. Her columns and short stories appear in national newspapers and magazines.

Learn More About Gouri Dange >

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Self Awareness and Growth through Writing



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  • Avatar

    Aarthi Ramachandran

    The write way for self discovery

    These exercises are a go to in terms of helping me feel freedom and also loads of layers of unspoken, repressed and clogged emotions peeled off from my personality through the cathartic and well structured writing exercises and nicely guided by Gauri that helped me be truly present to myself, and just enjoyed going with the flow with other participants and their insights as well.

    28 June, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Bhavna Dewan


    It was an enriching experience. Looking forward to learning more from Ms Dange.

    28 June, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Birbal Vidya Sanjay

    Self test

    The course conducted by Gauri was not about how and what to write in a book, I think everyone has an inspirational story to write about..but most of us are not in the right state of mind. Our brain is tangled up so much these days, that it makes us handicapped to do anything.

    What this course was about is freeing your mind and writing about your mind, before you start writing about other things. Sometimes words are hard to express verbally. This course gave a channel to let out the stuff and ground ourselves. This makes you light inside, most importantly. The creativity is no problem, clarity is what we all need.

    When you write about your feelings, we realise how hard it is to express exactly what we want to say without the gibberish. This is what this course made us do. It shook us from the inside to get all the bottled up feelings (gunk) out of our system. So I will recommend this course to those who want to write to feel better about themselves..

    11 June, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Anushree Edbor

    A whole new side of me

    If you think you know how to express yourself…. Well think again! With this course with Gouri Dange you come out so much more alive, filled with new ways to express…. Unbelievable to see how the untapped just gushes out… Gouri guides you so gently…. Loved it

    29 May, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Soumi Dutta

    Really challenging

    This workshop had me going into such depths that were uncomfortable for me, but I am so glad that I did it.

    17 May, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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