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Ever felt the inspiration to write a story but lost the plot half-way? Or dreamed of a character you couldn’t bring to life? Or started on a high note and ended with a  roadblock? This is a beginner’s guide to transporting your inner storyteller onto the stage.
The workshop offers the push you need, polishing your vision, and speeding up the drafting process. Spread over two weeks and six sessions, ‘Stage Right‘ dives into the anatomy of the three act structure, the mechanics of dramatic writing, and the poetics of how great stories embody life’s eternal themes. It identifies elements like – characterisations, plot lines, scene breakdowns and narrative styles – and the role they play in helping playwrights craft new words. At the end of the workshop you’ll be guided to write and present a short, engaging and original stage play.
The Workshop will be conducted over 2 Weeks from 18:00 to 21:00 IST on MON-WED-FRI.
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Week 1: Fundamentals of Story and Playwriting

  • What is drama – Identifying intention and obstacle
  • 3 layers of drama- philosophy/themes, story, plot
  • Setting a plot line
  • Discussion: Who is your favourite fictional character? What makes them memorable?
  • HW: Read Aristotle’s poetics, Identify elements of story
  • How character choices and conflicts embody the themes of a story
  • Motives and contradictions
  • World building: Using dialogue, setting, backgrounds, accents and props to design characters
  • Character archetypes – Jungian model – Hero and anti hero
  • HW: Read two plays – identify protagonist motives and contradicitons
  • Identify how characters served the plot of the plays which class has read
  • How to plot a story – follow the ‘show don’t tell’ style for scenes
  • The Three act structure – Restrictions on stage
  • Traditional vs non-traditional storytelling
  • Setting a mood
  • HW: Identify the mood, narrative style and structure of the plays read earlier

Week 2: Writing a Play

  • Come up with ideas for a 10-minute play of your own
  • Discussing ideas – setting plot – characters -motives and setting
  • Writing a two page pitch note – detailing story, plot, world, characters, structure, mood
  • How to structure questions for feedback on stories – how to sieve through negative criticism
  • Revise, share, and discuss pitch notes
  • Structuring your pitch story into the play format
  • Exploring linear and non-linear styles, foreshadowing devises and call-back tools
  • Finish the first draft and group review – each person will react to another’s work

Takeaway from the workshop: Learn the fundamentals of a story, Understand the technicals of playwriting, Write an original 10 minute short play.

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    Maria Teresa Marques

    Living Bridge, The Learning Platform

    At 1PM Lisbon local time, three days a week, for two weeks, from 26 July to 6 August, it was time for advancing knowledge, discussion of ideas, fun, and hard work yes, (during and between sessions).
    For me the important moment came with Sneh Sapru’s “THE BIG AND BRILLIANT CIRCUS”.
    I can say, and there is no doubt in my mind about it, that this was the best workshop that I have attended so far.

    13 August, 2021
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